Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh motherhood.

(I usually write about the girls on our private blog, but unfortunately it has been down for a while now and my poor, torn, busy husband has not have the time to fix it.  I have so much things I want to write down, about the girls that is, that I'm afraid if I don't they will be gone as fast as the girls' infancy.  And so I'm writing them here.)

The girls are growing and learning at such amazing speed, they truly grow like weeds!  Shiloh was wearing a dress yesterday, the same one she was wearing about a month ago, but it already seemed to be getting too short for her!  Two months ago before we left to Malaysia they could barely looked out of the windows without standing on something or their tippy toes, but after a month in Malaysia, I was very surprise to find out they can look out of the windows when we were back with no problem and no help now!  Weight wise, I think they have lost some weight during the stay in Malaysia, but are slowly gaining it back.  They were at the 0 percentile at the 18 months old check-up, and the doctor wanted me to bring them back in June to have their weights checked again,"just to be safe" he said.  But that "just to be safe" will cost me 50 dollar, you know.  I canceled the appointment after we got back from Malaysia, not because I want to save that 50 dollar, but because I know they have lost weight and the appointment would do them no good.  I do not appreciate probing and more tests on my babies just because they are small.  They are healthy and running around like crazy.

Both girls love to be with each others now and enjoy playing together.  BUT, they also hate it when the other one takes her toys away, or bugging her, or sharing her mommy.  Shiloh is more independent.  She will ask about Kayla when she doesn't see her, but she is completely happy playing by herself.  Kayla on the other hand, adores Shiloh and needs her more.  She asks about Shiloh when she doesn't see her, and follows Shiloh everywhere and does whatever Shiloh does.  Shiloh can make Kayla laughs like no one else.  She really doesn't have to try hard, one weird noise or simple action can send Kayla into such giggle again and again.  They love to pretend to feed each other with a spoon, and one will cry "more! more!" and the other one will feed more.  Or the feeder get so zealous and will not stop, not even after the eater cries" ALL DONE!  ALL DONE!".  Usually the "zealous" feeder is Kayla and Shiloh will be so ticked that she tries to walk away but Kayla chases her down with the feeding spoon shouting "umm! umm!" , which is their language for eating.  Sometime they both get spoons and take turns "feeding" each others, and laughing the same time.  They like to do this while sitting on the kitchen floor (while mama cooking) with their backs to the door that goes out to the garage. Sometime they pretend they are drinking soup by making slurping noise.  This always make the other one giggles.  They also like to color, but only for a very short time.  Kayla enjoys walking around holding on to something,  I don't mind when it's a cup or toy, but when it's a crayon, I have problem with that.  I can always foresee her coloring on my wall or somewhere else she shouldn't be.  Today when I helped them to sit at their table and color, Shiloh opened the drawer and said,"uh oh!" I looked and discovered someone had colored in the drawer!  But that someone quickly confessed by pointing to herself and said,"An An!" (pronounced as "un un", which is what we call Shiloh in her Chinese nickname and she has been adopted calling herself that.").  Luckily it's a plastic table that I got from a yard sale and it can be easily washed off.  That's another thing about the girls, they like to be snitches lately.  If Kayla is doing something she is not suppose to be doing, you can be sure Shiloh is quick to tell her that by shouting,"Meimei (younger sister)!!  No!!  No!!  mmkeyi (you can't)!!  pigu (bottom--meaning she will get spanked)!!"  Sometime she even tries to "discipline" Kayla, to daddy and mommy's dismay.  We're working on letting her understand she is not allowed to boss her sister, or reprimand her as we do, nor hitting her sister.  Kayla is the smarter one.  When she catches Shiloh doing something inappropriate, she runs to mommy and said,"Jiejie (older sister)!! *jabber jabber jabber in gibberish*  No!!".  The first few times she did this I was completely confused of what she was trying to tell me.  She was determined and would not give up though, until I decided to go with her to investigate, and realized what she tried to tell me.  Now when she flies to mommy talking about her sister in gibberish, I know right away Shiloh is misbehaving.  Interesting.  But more interesting when I found out Shiloh tattles about no one but also herself!  When we're reading a book and come to a torn page, or the previous drawer incident, she quickly let me know she was the one who did it by pointing to her nose, saying her own name and nodding her head!  It makes me laugh (not in front of her), but I sure hope she will remain to be this honest as she grows up.

Shiloh is half potty trained.  It actually doesn't require much effort with her.  Before we left to Malaysia she was having a series of bad diaper rash.  So we let her go without diapers whenever she wasn't sleeping.  She quickly discovered about her own urine, first disgusted by it, then proceeded to play in it.  I tried to let her sit on the potty when she first got up from her nap, and she went in there few times.  She loves to be praised and to learn new thing, so I wasn't surprise when she wanted to sit on the potty even when she wasn't going.  The other thing is, she loves, loves, loves reading.  She realized that if she sat on the potty, she could have mama read to her heart's contend.  Sometimes we sat and read 7 books straight!  But I was more surprise but she actually realized the urge to go and let me know!  We had a month's break of potty training in Malaysia, because the crazy schedule just wouldn't allow it.  When we came back, she was very reluctant in telling us whether she wanted to go or not, so I just popped her on the potty every hour or so, and she would go when she needed to.  Soon she is telling her when she needs to go again, and mommy is very proud that she is now diaper free when she is awake.  She still doesn't like to go poo-poo on the potty and only go when I put them down for their afternoon in her diaper.  We shall work on that later.  Kayla will sit on the potty but refuse to go.  I think she is fear to pee or poo in the potty.  She doesn't like the sight on them, period.  She always says,"Yay!" to Shiloh when Shiloh goes pee in the potty, but a lot of time, she will look at it and says,"Ewww!" too.  One time, Shiloh accidentally went poo in the potty (because we both didn't realized she needed to poo), after she realized it, she stopped doing it no matter how I encouraged her.  She got up and looked at it, then looked at me (who was cheering and saying yay like crazy), then tentatively said,"yay...." with a disgusted face.  Kayla of course was so all grossed out by her sister's "misdoing" and she just keep saying "Ewwww!!  Ewww!! Ewww!!" no matter how I tried to let her know it is not "eww!".  I told her not to look if it disgust her so much, but of course she couldn't resist, and thus she couldn't stop saying eww to her very confused sister...aah, you never know potty training can be so fun with twins, did you?

Welcome to my world. 
There will be more to come if you enjoy the madness and the comic of it.  Now let me first get back to my screaming children, and we'll see I have more strength left to write afterward.

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