Monday, September 17, 2012

Profound Achievement

As I was eating, Kayla lingered around the dinner table to talk to me.
She first quietly looked at me for a while, then she was pensive for a moment, finally the enlightenment seemed to dawn on her when she asked,
“Mommy, you are NOT a monkey???”
“… …” (Yeah, imagine my feeling)
Honey, I am glad that after 3 years, you have finally came to that realization.
Now, perhaps you still have hope to discover that you also are a human as your mother(and father), and will start behave or be reasonable as one? Maybe?

This is not my mommy

I was using the computer, and suddenly, heard Kayla called me with the sweetest voice possible. “Hi! Mommy!!”
Happy and felt loved, I turned back to her, smiled and said lovingly,”Hi, baby!”.
But she only looked annoyed and said coldly to me,”No, not you! Shiloh Mommy!” while pointing to her sister.
Then I realized she was playing “pretend” with Shiloh and Shiloh was the mommy and she was the baby.
Gee, I absolutely felt “loved”. Perhaps your Shiloh Mommy should do all the cooking, housework and all the chore taking care of you now?
(Yes, motherhood can turn you into that bitter woman sometime.)