Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grieving For the Griever

What do you say to someone who has lost their loved one?  One lost so suddenly, so tragically? One who had to endure so much suffering and pain before his departing from this world?
What can you say?  Words will not come.
What do I say to the one who has been left behind?  With so much sorrow, so much regrets, so much anger, so many questions?
One who is blaming himself for not being able to grant his dying father's last wish?
"But I have so much dreams, dreams involving him, I work really hard, but what do I get?  Is this what I got from working so hard?"
I have no words.  No words for the one who does not share my hope.  One who does not see, cannot see what I see.  I cannot give him false hope.  I cannot simply say,"he is at a better place now."
I can only grief with him.  I can only said,"We are praying for you."
I see him being absolutely lonely in this mass of grievance that is tossing him back and forth, but I cannot reach out to him.  It is not within my power.  I grief that he does not know the mighty Comforter, I grief that it is broken, everything is broken and he does not see why.
I can only pray.  I pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to him at this time, I pray that He will embrace him close.  I pray that over time his heart will be open a little bit more, and we can talk, and he will open it wider to let the Lord go in, to put the soothing balm over his wounds.
I can only tread the water gently, very gently.  Never pushing, but letting him know, we are here.  We are here, and He is here.
I pray that he will know that one day.
Death comes quick, my friends.  What regrets we will have if it claims us or one of our love ones tomorrow?
Leave no regret.  Love to the greatest extend.
I have fear for my family who does not know and have the hope.  It is my greatest fear.  It is one that steals my peace.  But tonight I shall cast it on Him, tonight I shall sleep.  My fear He shall carry it for me, just as He has done it for so many nights faithfully, letting me know He is faithful, and just.
Tonight He dwells in the deepest part of my heart, and I shall be comforted.